Gunnera Manicata: how to recognize the real one

juli 7th, 2017 · 2 Comments

VivaxIn an exotic garden, a Gunnera can not be missed. This eye-catching rhubarb family member catches the eye directly with its huge leaves which can become up to 2 meters (6 ft 7 in) in diameter. Unfortunately, the much smaller Gunnera tinctoria is mostly offered for sale as being a manicata. Often from ignorance. The difference is indeed not always easy to tell if you can not compare them. In this article we show them side by side.

Gunnera tinctoria vs. Gunnera manicata

the leaf of the tinctoria (left) looks more messy

the leaves of the manicata are much flatter, where those of the tinctoria are more in funnel form

the manicata’s petiole has more spines and looks a lot rougher

on the bottom of the leaf the tinctoria has trichomes (hairs) on the main leaf nerves, the manicata lacks trichomes

on the tinctoria the red color spreads far into the leaf nerves

the inflorescence is completely different and absolutely determining. The inflorescence of the tinctoria looks compact, firm and is red. The inflorescence of the manicata is looser, larger and green.

Reference site via Kew: link

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  • Reactie door karol — 24 juli 2023 15:07 @ 15:07

    Would it be possible for you to send me some info about wher I could get gunnera mannicata with delivery to Poland?
    At the moment ther is many hybrids that I would like evoid,
    Thanks for Any info.
    Karol Pracownik

  • Reactie door lapalmeraie — 29 juli 2023 05:16 @ 05:16

    Hi Karol

    That’s a tricky one. It are almost always pure tinctoria’s which are sold as « manicata ». So the safest way would be to buy it from someone where you can see the mother plant.
    I know that they are sometime proposed on fora but I do not know if those people are willing to ship to Poland as well.
    I know a shop that has the real manicata and will ask him to read this comment.

    Kind regards
    La Palmeraie

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