Exotic gardens

There are a lot of different palm and banana species, exotic plants,… Some can be planted in the garden and others are just suited for culture in containers. But how to combine this all to one nice exotic garden? You’ll find some inspiration from Dutch en Belgian gardens on this page!

Exotic garden La Palmeraie

Panoramic overview of the backyard through the years!

2009: what started empty…

20112012 –  2013 -  201420152016201720182019


lapalmeraie1 lapalmeraie2 lapalmeraie3

lapalmeraie4 lapalmeraie5lapalmeraie6

location: Ronse (B)

Exotic garden 1
exotuindiksmuide1 exotuindiksmuide2 exotuindiksmuide3

location: Keiem-Diksmuide (B)

Exotic garden 2
exotuinroeselare1 exotuinroeselare2 exotuinroeselare3

owner: contact the owner
location: Roeselare (B)

Exotic garden 3
exotuinsintniklaas1 exotuinsintniklaas2 exotuinsintniklaas3
owner: hanuman1
location: Sint-Niklaas (B)

Exotic garden 4
exotentuinmerelbeke1 exotentuinmerelbeke2 exotentuinmerelbeke3
owner: www.exotentuin.be
location: Merelbeke (B)

Exotic garden 5
exotentuinheist-op-den-berg1 exotentuinheist-op-den-berg2 exotentuinheist-op-den-berg3
location: Heist-op-den-berg (B)

Exotic garden 6
exotentuinkoekelare1.jpg exotentuinkoekelare2.jpg exotentuinkoekelare3.jpg
owner: http://palmvrienden.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=452&start=0
location: Koekelare (B)

Exotic garden 7
exotuinamsterdam1.jpg exotuinamsterdam2.jpg exotuinamsterdam3.jpg
owner: TropiRo
location: Amsterdam (NL)

Exotic garden 8

owner: http://www.exometeofraiture.net/
location: Tinlot (B)

Exotic garden 9

location: Sint-Pauwels (B)

Exotic garden 10

owner: plasta
location: Geleen (NL)

Exotic garden 11

owner: griphuz
location: Nederwetten (NL)

Exotic garden 12

owner: djoeke
location: Sint-Pauwels (B)

Exotic garden 13

owner: marinus (http://www.mvaneerbeek.moerstaal.nl/)
location: Ommen (NL)

Exotic garden 14

owner: Dutchlatino (http://palmvrienden.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6004)
location: Valkenswaard (NL)

Exotic garden 15

owner: Aaron Hendriks
location: Helmond (NL)

Exotic garden 16

owner: luc
location: Leefdaal (B)

Exotic garden 17

owner: Diana
location: Weesp (NL)

Exotic garden 18

owner: Eric(08)
location: Liedekerke (B)

Exotic garden 19

owner: Waterboyke (Dimi)
location: Sint-Niklaas (B)

Exotic garden 20

owner: JM’s exotic garden (JmC4c) video
location: Ronse (B)

Exotic garden 21

owner: Dina P. (“Jane”)
location: Almere (NL)

Exotic garden 22

owner: Sylvan (“s.janssen”)
location: Biddinghuizen (NL)

Exotic garden 23

owner: Leo D
location: Neerwinden (B)

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