Contrary to what the La Palmeraie slogan makes you believe, you will not only find information about palm trees but also all kinds of practical information about banana plants, Canna’s, Strelitzia’s, Ravenala,… For convenience, we have regrouped all these plants under the name of “bananas”. Through this banana page, you simply navigate to the articles that contain the information you are looking for.

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Our categories

Bananas culture

On this page you’ll find a summary of all our article about the culture and winter protection of bananas.

If you would like to sow a banana plant, check out our bananas sowing manual.

Bananas species

You’re looking for the characteristics of one specific species? Take a look at this page! We describe the general features, care and illustrate each species from seedling to adult. The list is regularly updated with new species.You want to be kept informed? Subscribe to our free newsletter.

Our collection

Over the years our own collection has been extensively expanded. On this page you’ll find all the bananas species and relatives like Canna, Strelitzia, Ravenala we have (had).

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