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On these pages palms collection, bananas collection and exotic plants collection you’ll find almost every plant we have (had). On those species we so can speak from our personal experience.

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La Palmeraie is just an informative website. We therefore have no shop / webshop.

La Palmeraie is just an informative website. We therefore have no shop / webshop.

There are lots of good webshops to be found with a good price/quality. The most complete of them all is www.rarepalmseeds.com,…

Don’t buy the small seed packages that you’ll find on holiday markets. Not only the don’t always label correctly, the freshness isn’t just good enough even with a expiration date mentioned. In those countries, you’ll often be able to collect seeds for free in public parcs.

Take a look at this Dutch page pagina, you’ll find all the companies that received our label!

This of course will depend on what you are looking for, your needs, you local specifics,…
Look at the emplacement to start with and the minimal winter temperature you’ll have to cope with. Do you want to protect during winter time? This way your choice will be a lot more specific.


Just take a look at our articles. You will certainly find enough information to get started. On this page deze pagina you’ll find them all.

Take a look at all our winter protection articles on the article page.

Take a look at our “troubles” section on this page.


Read our articles about general culture to begin with. Do you have it right?
Also take a look in the troubles section.
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