Trachycarpus fortunei

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Common name: Chinese windmill palm, Chusan palm

Sometimes also found under its older (and wrong) name Chamaerops excelsa

Origin: Central China, Eastern Asia (Himalaya)

Foliage: palmate

Trunk: Rough with persistent leaf bases and layers of coarse fibrous material

Exposure: Sun, partial shade

Growth rate: Normal to fast

Height: 12 meter / 40 feet

Hardiness: -18°C / -0.4°F


Fresh Trachycarpus fortunei will germinate easily but still after 3-6 months and only on relative low temperatures 20°C/68°F). It doesn’t need any particular soil or exposure and will grow a little bit faster every next year, especially when planted in the garden.


The Trachycarpus fortunei was cultivated in Asia for its coarse for more than thousand years but it has also become one of the most popular palm species in Northern Europe thanks to his hardiness and easy care taking. 

trachycarpus-fortunei-aanbod trachycarpus-f-200903
Trachycarpus seedlings 1 year old

1jarige zaailing 1-2jarige zaailing 3jarige zaailing

from left to right: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years old

4jarige 5jarige 6jarige

from left to right: 4 year, 5 years, 6 years old



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