Archontophoenix alexandrae

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Archontophoenix alexandrae 9

Common name:
Alexander palm, Alexandra palm, King Alexander palm, King palm, Northern bangalow palm

Origin: littoral rainforest of  Australia

Foliage: pinnate

Stem: tall and slender with expanded base

Exposure: partial shade, bigger subjects can be held in full sun if watered enough

Growth rate: fast

Height: 25 meter / 82 feet

Hardiness: -1°C / 30,2°F

Culture: Fresh seeds germinate within 4 to 12 weeks at a temperature between 25-35° C (77-95°F). This beautiful fast growing palm needs more water than an average palm. In addition, it asks for a high air humidity as it grows originally in the rainforest. This is not a hardy palm, he must definitely be placed indoors during wintertime. The foliage must be humidified frequently.

Use: Very popular palm tree in Australia where it is spread widely. Here, the Archontontophoenix is rarely found. The seeds however are often sold. Seedlings or a slightly larger subject is rather rare. Sometimes larger subjects are sold in the garden center as ‘eyecatcher’ but they aren’t cheap;  >€ 200, -. However, it is a beautiful addition to an exotic garden.


archontophoenix-a-1-200904-1 archontophoenix-a-20090603 Archontophoenix alexandrae 1

Archontophoenix alexandrae 2

Archontophoenix alexandrae 4

Archontophoenix alexandrae 5
Archontophoenix alexandrae 6 Archontophoenix alexandrae 8

Archontophoenix_alexandrae habitat

Archontophoenix alexandrae in its habitat

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