Phoenix roebelenii

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Common name:
Pygmy date palm, miniature date palm

Origin: Rain forests of southeastern Asia

Foliage: Pinnate

Stem: Rough with layers of coarse fibrous material which disappears on older parts

Exposure: partial shade

Growth rate: Normal

Height: 2-3 meter / 6.6–9.8 feet

Hardiness: -3°C / 26,6°F


Fresh seeds germinate quite easily, but not as good as, by example, the Phoenix canariensis. As a seedling, the Phoenix roebelenii grows slowly but growth rate increases as soon as the stem is formed. It tolerates dry air and likes shade. Due to these features, It’s the ideal indoor palm. During the summer months, he can be placed outside, but he has to get used to direct sunlight in a very gradual way, otherwise the leaves will burn. During the hot summer months there must be sufficient watering. In winter, this palm should definitely return insides, preferably in a cool place.


This palm that often grows in groups is frequently to be found in the garden centers. Due to its tolerance to dry air, its modest size and graceful appearance, it is very popular as a indoor palm or just on the terrace. The black fruits are not really suitable for consumption.

Phoenix roebelenii seedlings

Growth: photo left 2005, photo right 2009

stam phoenix

Flower bud

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