Planting a Trachycarpus fortunei

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May 2013, the day had finally come for a visit to FC Plant in Belgium for the acquisition of two big Trachycarpus. I took my friend JM along, fun assured!

Enough choice!

Once chosen the had to be loaded in the van…. oops, they suddenly look a lot bigger.

But after all we even still could close one door.

But back home comes the big question. Loading went quite easy… thanks to the forklift truck! But now with manpower only….?

JM; how do we proceed? :)

The smallest one is just doable.

The planting hole seemed to be too small. Quickly some extra digging under the approval of JM.

And there it is!

Then comes nr 2.

Quite bigger and heavier than expected. We need extra manpower!

This won’t work :)

almost there…

And there you go, finally!

Filling up the plant hole.

And the final result :)

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