Strelitzia nicolai

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Common name:
Giant white bird of paradise or wild banana

Origin: South Africa

Foliage: 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) long leaves, grey-green and arranged like a fan at the top of the stems

Stem: woody stems

Exposure: Full sun

Growth rate: Fast

Height: to 10 meters / 32 feet 9 inches

Hardiness: -3°C / 26,6°F

Culture: Fresh seeds germinate very well. Thereafter, the Strelitzia nicolai grows quite quickly. It needs a sunny place and plenty of water during the growing season. However, prevent the roots from standing permanently in the water. Furthermore, this easy plant is a perfect eye-catcher in the exotic garden. In a container, it will not exceed the 3 meters (9 ft) of height . As it isn’t hardy you’ll need to take it inside during winter. The watering must be reduced then as well. Transplanting is not necessary until it bursts literally out of its container.

Use: This graceful plant is beautiful in a tall container, for example on the terrace. Through the fan shape, it is quite similar to the even more exclusive Ravenala madagascariensis.

Strelitzia nicolai seedlings

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