Potting palm trees in 8 steps

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To ensure that your palm grows optimally, it is important that the roots get enough space. You will best repot a palm as soon as roots grow from the bottom of the container. Potting in a larger pot will temporarily inhibit growth; the palm first uses its energy for the creation of new roots. But growth will certainly increase soon afterwards. This article provides you with a visual step-by-step manual to re-pot your palm in 8 steps.

Step 1
Drill drainage holes at the bottom of the container

Step 2
Spread a layer of hydrograins on the bottom for an optimal drainage.

Step 3
Fill the container with a good quality soil.

Step 4
palm-verplanten-4 palm-verplanten-5
Mix in an organic fertilizer for good grow results and a healthy palm.

Step 5
Place your bamboo in the container.

Step 6
Fill up with more soil and press slightly down. The tronc base should be maintained at the same height as it pas potted before as shown on this picture.

Step 7
Cover up with wood chips or an other organic material to prevent weed to grow and prevent to ground from drying and as isolation.

Step 8
Give plenty of water till it pours out from the bottom.

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