Plumeria sowing instructions

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Plumeria or frangipani is such a typical plant that everyone knows without really knowing which plant it is. We all know it from those typical flower leis for which they are so famous in Hawaii. The sweet fragrance also explains the name of the cakes with the same name. Sowing the Plumeria is very easy. In this article we show you how!


The seeds can be found quite generally on the internet. Collecting them yourself during your holidays is of course also a possibility. The seeds are quite recognizable and look a bit of the seeds of the maple tree.

Step 1

Put the seeds only with the thick part in the soil. Leave the wing above ground.

Step 2

Moisten the soil slightly and put the seedbed in a warm place.

Step 3

Quickly, after about a week, the first seeds germinate. Ventilate sufficiently so that the soil does not become moldy and keep the soil slightly moist but not too wet.

Step 4

When the seedlings are slightly larger, they can be transplanted. Because Plumerias should not be held too wet, transparent flower pots (e. g. those used for Orchids) are ideal. Tip of a local: also make holes on all sides of the pot! This keeps the soil better ventilated and dryer.

Step 5 & aftercare

Put the plants away warm and on a light spot. Take the plants inside before the night frost and reduce the irrigation drastically. However, the soil should not dry out. The plants will lose their leaves. New leaves appear again in spring.

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