How to pollinate Trachycarpus flowers

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In spring, the Trachycarpus usually blossoms. Most of them will do so annually, although they sometimes skip a year. When the palm blossoms, the sex can also be determined. (See also: Trachycarpus: is it a male or a female?) Once the flowers are fully open, you can pollinate them yourself to actually get seeds. In this article we show you how!

Male and female

The Trachycarpus genus is dioecious. In other words, both male and female are needed to pollinate the flowers. With a bit of luck, you have both male and female. Otherwise, it is of course always possible to collect pollen elsewhere. Other enthusiasts will be happy to share this through various forums. It is the female palm that will carry the seeds.

Step 1

As soon as the male inflorescence is fully opened, the pollen is dispersed. You can see these fall as a yellow powder when you strike the inflorescence. Rub gently with a brush over the inflorescence and collect the pollen.

Step 2

Follow the development of the female inflorescence closely to observe when the small flowers open.

Step 3

As soon as the female flowers are opened, the pollen can be gently rubbed over the female flowers. Repeat this daily if necessary for about one week to increase the chance of success.

Step 4

If pollination is successful, the flowers will slowly change into small balls which will also become darker and darker. The seed maturing process lasts until approximately after the winter. They can be harvested when they are deep dark blue colored. If pollination fails, the flowers dry and fall off and a bare inflorescence remains.

NB. Different Trachycarpus species can be crossed with each other. Crossing a Trachycarpus with another palm genus is usually not possible.

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